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Stories from the Field: Field of the Rising Sun

by Piotr Podomarof
Co-authors: Mateusz Jastrzebski

This version of logo presents two people standing on a field with ridges - each of them symbolizes one human race (according to old order); ridges also have red shadows which are connected with one similar feature of all people – the color of their blood. The field is green because that’s a vivid color associated with fertility of soil and furthermore – plentiful harvests.
Two men are standing in front of the sun - a clear sign of a new day, which always brings hope. Those people have different height because they belong to different generations – smaller (younger) one is situated a little bit further in the perspective, closer to the sun – that’s some kind of visualization the future; our offspring should have better life than we. Their silhouettes are blue, corresponding to UN main color; apart from that, blue is also the color of hope.
The whole picture is drawn with a very simple style; it may be done by an artist or a little child who had only some pencils, pens and brushes. Literally, anybody could draw this.
The type used in the phrase "Stories from the Field" is designed to look like handwriting, just like in our scholar notebooks. The other phrase, however, is wrote with more 'official' style of letters, according to the range and high esteem of the Festival.
I think that the main advantage of this logo is its simplicity - sometimes you don't need much to express much, right? ;)