STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details


by Torgeir Sollid


The documentary film festival symbol consists of 5 wide-screen projections that produce a cluster of illuminated fields in a dark cinema-space. The dark space conveys a sense of place and film festival location.

Each of the projected fields is a loose representation of a continent and together the 5 overlapping fields resemble the world and reflect a global attention span and a global focus for the millennium development goals.

The projections are white, pure and unfiltered fields of light that symbolize a potentially vast diversity of stories from the field and create further associations to "enlightenment" (knowledge = tolerance) and "lights of hope".

Festival title is kept tight and sober in order to convey the neutral and documentary look that is needed in order to reflect the vast diversity of stories that will be screened.

Symbol and title combination is flexible and can be adapted to future requirements. The graphical elements in the symbol, the light-projections, can be animated or integrated in light-installations or other festival related activities.

The design concept can be employed in the construction of other graphical elements and illustrations in order to produce a family of related images.