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Spreading the Word Through Film: The Modern Day Messenger_2nd Concept

by Cem Turer

My design for the logo of the UN Film Festivals "Stories from the Fields" is a peace pigeon created with film strip. Since ancient times the pigeon was used across the world for individuals to send messages to one another. Most often, these messages were extremely important and time sensitive to explain the senders situation. Today, our modern day messenger is the powerful medium of film. We can communicate the stories of other people's plights, which can be brought to others around the world. These stories from afar, of hope and hardship, disease and destruction, poverty and perseverance will be spread to global audiences, thus creating the awareness needed to achieve the primary goals of the UN's mission. Film is a medium which can spread the message of the film maker and its subjects and create the knowledge needed to eradicate the many problems faced by developing nations around the globe. It can build virtual bridges across the world which we hope can influence enough people to open their minds, and to give of themselves in any way they can to alleviate the issues faced by those in developing nations. Knowledge = Power = Peace of Mind