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2 Different Ideas for " Stories from the Field " logo

by butterfly78

1st idea : its A lens Camera .... merged with a portrait & a book !!

A-lens Camera : symbol to the Films which join the festival .
B-The Book : symbol to the Stories which the festival aim to.
C- The Portrait : symbol to the Heros of the stories or the watcher who was touched by the story .


2nd Idea : is The Cinema Camera but it was abstracted to lens & was Merged with a Rectangle this square symbol to the body of the camera in the same time in the other side from the rectangle its symbol to a part of the film roll ....Has Three White Squares by 3 concepts !!!
they pointed to 3 important things for any successful film in this festival..
A- Make the sightseers watching very well .
B-Hearing very well.
C-Deep Thinking to reach the right point I mean the core of the story ( its message ) .

Any lens had zooming option around it we kept move it left & right to focus on anything, Right !!
So I made " Stories from the Field " this zooming thing to the lens & i balanced it by a half circle ...!!
well i did this idea in a short version & full version but I prefer the Full version more if u accept it - IF U Don't Mind ofcours- to appear all in all in everything about the event !! anyway its up to you !!

Hope you all liked my ideas :)

Best Regards,