STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Humans for humans

by Talha Altinozek
Co-authors: Bridget Lawrence

I chose to use a photographic image that has a mnemonic value to every human: hands. The gesture of the hands evolves from the subject matter and creates a metaphor for a viewfinder. This main element of the logo can be practiced by anyone and speaks to any kind of audience.
The main form is quite simple and creates a meaningful hierarchy inside the logo box. The natural state of the hands is a reference to the non-fictional quality of documentaries. The uniting hands also refer to the multinational unity of the UN body and solely humanitarian issues.
The gesture of the hands poses a question while creating a curiosity and resolves quickly even without the proclaiming festival line.
To make the logo easily identified, I used two timeless typefaces. I used the neutral and colorless Helvetica to carry out the message that's signified in the text, "Stories from the Field." And I used News Gothic and its humanist tone of voice for the secondary line.
Without relying on a purely graphic solution this logo responded to my concerns for creating a strong, innovative, long lasting and an emotional identification
that fits well with the MDGs and the credibility of the organizations behind it.