STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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It Starts with 1 Person and it Takes a World

by Kristina Delgado

My concept reads like a book, from left to right detailing a story.
The story my logo is telling is one of growth and unity.
The 1st image is of a singular unisex sillouhuette, the story is that it begins with 1 person. the SFTF lettering and stalks of wheat are in the middle of the story/logo, implying it takes growth. Growth is needed to unite and succeed. The end is really just the beginning. A depiction of the world-because it takes a world united to accomplish our goals.
The colors are plentiful and represent multi-culture, because we are all so different and we can all bring unique inspirations and ideas to the table to succeed.
The entire story is captured in a film strip. Film is the vehicle to let voices be heard and stories to be learned.