STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories From The Field: The United Nations Documentary Film Festival

by Dana Dowe

My first logo gives the feeling of the film-maker bringing worlds together through the lens. The circles represent different cultures and the brackets represent what you see when you look into the camera, or what the camera focuses on. It's about informing the public of what goes on in darker areas of the world (represented by the dark circles), to bring light and to inspire change (represented by the white brackets).

The second logo has the look of a movie poster. The type treatment represents a bit of confusion and discomfort. The neutral colors give the idea of neutralizing difficult issues and inspiring peace and calmness. It uses the brackets to represent the focus brackets that you see when you look into a camera.

The third logo shows hot colors to represent the hot button issues that these films deal with. The film reel in the background can also look like hot buttons. The red and orange colors give the logo a sense of urgency...that these issues need to be dealt with now.