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Stories From The Field

by Christian Quirós

This logo has been designed a little abstract. The streamlined figure in warm colors like in degradation of the red one to the yellow, represents the figure of the human, who is the cause, problem and the solution to many of the problems that the entire world faces. The colors with which it has imagined are red, orange and yellow, colors that symbolize vitality, action, and exert influence on the impulses of the human being. Traditionally the black is related to the formality and solemnity, the annoyance and irritability and can represent what it is hidden and veiled. It is a color that also it denotes to be able and seriousness. It is by that it has been used in a geometric figure behind the figure represented by the human being. I believe that the human being is the one who can give the answer before as much problematic one at world-wide level in aspects of social, environmental, political. So that relation in ícono exists, the abstract figure is placed of left to right and each one of the lines expresses movement and dynamism. Nevertheless a balance of weight with the geometric figure in black color exists, and to make it representative with the cinema, a film negative has been inserted behind.The typography this time is of gray color, and emphasizes word STORIES. I have applied east color because she can express elegance, respect in addition aid to emphasize the spiritual and intellectual values. The letter "e" in this word it is of a different typography, with much more movement. This element is applied of this form, because it is broken with the scheme of the traditional thing.