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The Ritual

by Franklin Wade David Jennings

I chose two thin enigmatic female figures as my center piece, carrying food upon their heads in the heat of the sun. African women walk for miles with heavy jugs of water or pots of food balanced on their heads to conserve energy. I wanted this daily ritual to capture the ghostly image of hunger, and famine that occurs daily across our planet through. The work of women carrying out each task simply to survive.

The women seem to be gazing straight forward and seemingly blank with emotion. Their body language is stoic, gaunt, and standing fast, as if another day will pass and their story remain untold.

The tall grass has been topped with a symbol of hope in the shape of hearts that grow all around them. I wanted this image to coincide with the palette of orange standing for joy, warmth, and most important optimism that things will indeed get better; that change is coming.

A new day is dawning.