STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by Sam Ho

Film is a powerful medium to bring attention and capture the world around us. An international film festival aimed at global humanitarian and human rights issues requires great attention to its iconography. It should give a sense of familiarity, respect and truth.
The "messenger" logo designed for this festival was aimed at integrating two familiar icons, a filmstrip and a stylized dove carrying an olive branch. Both elements are easily recognizable and have great connotative and denotative meanings. Often the dove in flight reminds the viewer of its role as a messenger. As the focus of this festival’s medium is film, the dove/filmstrip hybrid then becomes a symbol of a medium messenger of peace, love and support, from one country to another, from one person to another. The logo’s styling was done to promote accessibility while maintaining a soft elegance which embodied a sense of credibility and the typeface with high tracking was chosen to exude professionalism. The main logo (1 ) showcases the simplified logo (2) The full banner version of the logo (3) The flexibility and range of colors that can be used to create consistency amongst parent organizations or be used to promote different categories or divisions. (4) An example of how the logo can be used as a badge of honor and credibility.