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Rising to be seen and heard [right size]

by maria eugenia Cazares

Poverty, mal-nutrition, gender discrimination, lack of education, hunger, mortal illnesses... issues the many of us do not see, do not care. Issues that graphically would look like garbage, thrown, forgotten, abandoned. But we see them and hear them by means of all the stories told in these films. These Stories from the Field ascend to be seen and heard.

This logo is based in the aforementioned statement. The UN Millennium Development Goals are repeated in random angles to symbolize the chaos. Although the goals are eight, the repetition represents the hundreds of thousand of cases existing in the globe.

Little we do or care most of the time, but films are the reminder so we should get involved and do something. The film in the icon brings up one story from the chaos, and another, and another, in hope we can see what it is happening; wishing the chaos to be cleared.

The phrase "Stories from the Field" is on top as a preamble of the film. The type is strong, bold, as are the stories. Although there are many colors in the stories, I chose black for the type and film to keep the color of film and the image strong; and red, flesh and white for the millennium goals. The effect is dramatic, bold, and easy to reproduce.