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Scream for Humanity

by Dalila Rubin

The design idea is based on the scream as a symbol of expression, whose function is to conceptualize the notions of distress, anguish and desperation. At the same time, this symbol conveys the need for communication and the cry for help of those who are living unworthy circumstances and seeking a more encouraging future.

I utilized a visual metaphor as the compositional element. The main container is a mouth that screams and cries tears of blood. The tear works as a graphical representation of blood being shed onto the filmstrip dentures. The moviemaker's eye captures the scream for help, filling it with hope in the shape of a sparkling star.

The chromatic selection –black, red and yellow– anchors the graphic elements to recognizable iconic symbols, setting visual hierarchy as well. In the case of black and red, they are reminiscent of the black and white filmstrip and the red tear of pain. Yellow completes the triad limiting the logo, in addition to the reversing-out-of-black resource that enhances the image contrast throughout the composition.

Finally, the selected typographic family adds a quotidian feel to the whole through its informal hand-written aspect. The logo as a visual experience, introduces the public into a mood of reflection and openness towards dissimilar life situations. This way, the individuals share the feeling of those that suffer, generating knowledge and proneness to action.