STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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"Experiences for Solutions"


The idea of the logo is to translate "stories of the field" into people's experiences from all over the world and to depict how those experiences are shared with others to create a general understanding of our world in an effort to meet UN Millennium Development Goals. It is our observations that brings new ways of looking at things to bring about solutions. In the logo, the right hand represents giving and offering. The colorful oval dots in the movie reel represent the UNMDGs and the wide range of great ideas brought together from all over to achieve those goals. The colored shapes form a human body representing that most problems facing our world today are created by humans yet will be solved by humans. People from all over can contribtue something toward curbing the very many inter-twined problems our world. The blue dot in center of the reel represents The United Nations, which is at the heart of UNMDGs and making efforts for change globally. The light blue color is chosen for simple yet vivid explanation the United Natons and its efforts to global humanitarian and human rights issues. The white background, the black movie reel and hand are representations of the very first films which were black and white. The movie reel is a direct description of the film festival. A black "Birland Aeroplane" font is used on the "stories of the field", because it is simple, bold, clear, unique and can easly be remembered. A light blue Californian FB font is used on "The United Nations Documetary Film Festival'i writing. The uniqueness and simplicity of the logo in general will make it easy to be understood and communicate the message behind it clearly. Its design qualities will make it very veratile to be used in different applications.