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Stories from the Field -

by John Wik

In this logo, a representative human form walks a road represented by a film strip. The shadow of the form is cast behind and captured on film, but the future has yet to be pursued, experienced, recorded, and shared. I see the human form in the logo as both looking ahead while being aware of past deeds, and also looking back at the shadow to learn and reflect.

I wanted to convey symbolically that we humans leave a mark on the world that affects the landscape and is visible for all to see; I chose the shadow as a metaphor to illustrate this. The mark we leave and the effect our actions have cannot be fully understood until after our deeds are done, but if we consider them and the threads they weave we can learn and improve as we progress towards the future.

The road/film-strip symbolism could also be interpreted to represent that there are films known to the form from the past, but this diligent seeker knows that there are films out there in the field ahead that deserve to be sought out and embraced.