STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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"From Life, to Film, to Life."

by Ioannis Ypsilantis SkylabCreative Webs & Corporate Design


Stories from the Field Logo
The UN Documentary Film Festival

“From Life, to Film, to Life.”

Project description

This logo is representing a documentary.

Life is stored in film, only to travel from it's original geographical area around the world, to our homes, our hearts, our concience. The people walking in and out of the film, represent life. Since all the UN MDG’s are focusing on developing and improving life, the human representation was evaluated as optimal for this logo. The figures used, are refering mostly to people in need. In need of clothing, food, water, healthcare, hope. These figures could be anyone, anywhere. Could be the ones we come from, the ones we are, the ones we will become (depending on our course of action). Could be alone or together with other people, seeking for help, planning to rescue, taking a walk or traveling the sometimes difficult or impossible ways of life.

Potential implementation

As this logo is presented in a two-colored and a black & white version, we believe it has the flexibility to serve multiple implementations on various materials and in different sizes. Furthermore, the empty snapshots of the film can be used to host colored or B&W photos in more complex versions of the logo (over the internet or via other multimedia methods), including animated pictures or video. We also believe that the entire logo can become 3d animated and can be used in television or other video broadcasts if the organisation chooses to use it in such a way.

The file is also available in a high-resolution scaleable vector graphics version.


Ioannis Ypsilantis.