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no more war for children

by marco fornasier

The general idea of my project is the freedom to learn, to play and to live in peace. For this I have chosen two contrasting symbols: on one side the colours of camouflage, which represent the war, and on the other side the confetti, which are a common symbol of freedom, happiness and play. This combination makes us realize how tight together the two contrasts can stand, because playing with these confetti one can easily cover completely the ground and change the perception of the landscapes into a theatre of war.
It is a metaphor for the brutality of war and the inhuman abuse of children as little soldiers who instead of this should learn and play to have a better future.
The decision to take the dichotomy between war and play helps to explain the surreal condition of life of children in wars, for whom every science fiction film about war is not as brutal as their real and everyday life.