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Simplifies yourself

by Marc Masmiquel

Imagine a better world , easier, more generous, capable of doing more with less, so the philosophy of my proposal is: simplicity. I think it is possible to transmit stories and generosity without overcoming many contrivances, directly. I worked for several years in development projects and that is what I learned from people very humble and dedicated to his work, this is the emotional engine of my idea in a deeper level.
The graphic concept is basic: propose a clear typography (Futura), and only 2 colors (Black and Pantone 375) in addition to white, which allows applications to only two inks, much more sustainable for all ... The rest of the elements agree with concision: pictograms and a classic silhouette of a cameraman, a green background and that's all.
I hope that the proposal generates emotion and communicate some of the goals that all will make this planet a more conscious, accountable and humane. A hug everyone and seek beauty, because it is hidden in every detail.