STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

World Clap Board

by 585Gensler

The proposal based on a simple concept.

Its primary design components - icon, title and festival name add up to form
a compact shape - easy to recognize.

In order to show the close relationship to the United Nations - the logo
Based on the same colours as the UN logo.

The short version consists of a square icon and the title box.

The Icon - has to represent the key concepts of the festival.
A blue box with an open clap board – stands for:
attention and film but also for the more fact based nature of a documentary.
Two hands around the world - symbolize both shelter and active involvement
of mankind as per the UN Millennium Development Goals.
These hands replacing the crown of honourable laurel leaves from the UN logo
but keep the origin visible.

The Title box is a thin outline to frame the title and a text of three lines.
In order to allow for an easy application the text is written in Tahoma.
A common font, highly legible and widely used for online and print media.

The long version based on the same elements and an underline with the
name of the festival - again using the Tahoma font.
The foot line spans across the whole width to leave the title box the
prominence needed.