STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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by Roy Suryadi


The efforts to create better world for living took place many years ago.
Persons from different countries, cultures and proffesional backgrounds
gave their best to do this and they still doing it until now. The awareness
spread even better recently and more people involved in such actions.

But as we notice, problems grew bigger and more complex. People build the same
time they destruct. Diseases healed and others arise. Problems solved and lots more come.
Poverty and hunger decreased but as the cause untouched they shall soon occur in no time.
Same things happens with mother-child’s health, education matters and
many humanity and environmetnal issues. Regular actions are expired.
The world requires more than the usual old time efforts.
And to do this, same universal vision is prerequisite.

The films we are about to see in this festival is another kind of remarkable action
to start ending the cycle. These films created to wake the awareness among people,
make them understand and notice that every efforts taken shall be meaningless
without any support and participation by everyone. They are tools to unify the vision.
They are answers to different background or political actions.
They speak with universal languange for everyone to understand.

The logo works the same. I created it to break local’s habbits, domestic cultures
or different political actions. I used particular organic forms and layout that would reach more
than just visual experience. This artwork is intended to communicate to readers’
conciousness and arise their awareness. I designed it to be strong yet simple
enough to rebuild people’s mind and create one brand new universal vision.
It is more than just an art piece. It is a tool to see things beyond.