STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Global Film Logo

by Stefani Allegretti

This logo depicts a simple image of the earth, nestled within a scroll of film. The film is situated to look like a hand and the earth's size is miniature enough to fit inside the 'palm' so to speak.
The image simply suggests that the all encompassing presence of the films and issues being presented in the films is shared among the world, among the nations that are united by our shared stories.
Within the film reel there a several images and graphics that touch upon the issues the films in the festival will further bring to light. The empowerment of women is depicted by a graphic of women workers. The issue of pregnancy is depicted by a graphic of a pregnant women and finally education is depicted by a group of young children. These are only a few of the stories which will be presented however it is the larger picture that I hope to covey through the logo and that is that the stories are all of our stories. They all become collectively a shared experience, promote a deeper understanding of culture and humanity and because of them, we are all even more united as one global community.