STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Reporting reality

by Elvino Oliveira

While preparing to enter this competition I dug deep into piles of documents - from briefs and press releases to reports on issues related to the Millennium Development Goals. I was searching for something that could link all those different subjects and trigger the imagination. But at the same time I wondered how would it be possible to portray so much information in a logo that should be simple enough in order to have a strong and universal appeal.
In terms of the design solution, it seemed very important to make people realize «OK, this is definitely a film festival!» but I didn´t want to use the same graphic resources like the perforations in the film stock, for example.
So there they were in my hands, dozens of pages of standard A4 documents with all kinds of data from all sorts of commissions, written in different languages with statistics, projections, policies... The basic work material of the U.N. organization. Wouldn´t it be suitable to represent it? Isn´t a report an important messenger - much like the documentary film – of the work reality of the United Nations?
The icon depicts a regular A4 sheet of paper taken from one of those reports. The words, facts and figures of its content emerge, transformed in pictures of that particular reality. It´s the animated sequence of those snapshots of the “real” that becomes the documentary film.
Light plays a fundamental role in the design as it is the primary matter of the film making process. Black (being the absence of light) and white (standing as the optical sum of all colors of the visible spectrum) are combined to create an impartial logo that fits all kinds of messages.
The font follows the popular characteristics of the typefaces that are used in the subtitles.