STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Contest Submission - Global approach

by Palak Parakh
Co-authors: MS. PALAK PARAKH

Significance and Logo Design :

Stories from the Field
The United Nations Documentary Film Festival

Thank You for the great Project. I enjoyed it very much.
The identity consists of few elements like people, child, reel, circle(sun/globe). Each element is speaking and directing towards the causes which will reflect through the various film shown during the festival. The look and feel is from the field, earthy. Representing support for the families, to raise the standard of living and promoting gender equality, Combat HIV/AIDS and revealing the many realities of millions who are suffering in developing countries. It is a logo which shows care though global partnership and connection and acts as a suggestion, to take a first step towards rehabilitation. Simple, easy to understand, eye-catching and impactful.