STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Field of Vision

by Scott Barrie

In this design, two symbolic elements are featured: a simple rendering of a globe (which is central within the composition, as the entire earth is the source for all "Stories from the Field"), and a stylized lens aperture (representing human attention and vision) framing our world. The aperture is eight-sided, alluding to the UN's eight Millennium Development Goals, and while it does focus upon the earth, it also appears to emanate from it, thus representing that as film viewers, we are not watching from a distance, but are as much subject as observer. The type applied to the logo is consciously clean and geometric, so to work harmoniously with the accompanying graphic elements.

Technically speaking, the logo is quite versatile, with the opportunity to achieve dynamic results with even very economical use of color (using, for example, multiple tints of a single color, or by using two colors). The core graphic establishes itself suitably in monochrome as well.