STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

Competition Details

SFF:NY08 _02

by Jose Luquin


The Stories From the Field: NY08 letterform mark was created to Re-Brand the look and feel of the international documentary Film Festival using easy to read & understand visual components and to reinforce the online presence of the brand catering to a cross cultural audience.

The solution was found on a simple, clean and elegant san serif typeface to ensure legibility, personality, and aesthetics of the new generated letterform.
Using the appropriate letter spacing and proportions between components, we created a solid composition; that was enclosed on a simple geometrical form enriching and solidifying the exposure, giving a timeless mnemonic sense. Such composition can be easily reproduced, on a myriad range of media, due to the rich and simple composition, the assertive use of color that was designed to work on B&W, duotone, tri tone as well as on a monotone color version.
Also the main idea is to cater across cultures, and beyond time, which can be achieved thanks to the simplicity of the new letterform mark.
Integration of a suggestive component, presenting the idea of a movie reel can be located where the juxtaposition of two letters (F) occurred.

The reinforcement of the online presence of the brand, is presented by the creation of a “.com” version of the word mark , that can be used directly on the web site and on any other marketing effort to promote the presence on internet.