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Through Others Eyes

by clb5005

Most often, documentaries strive to capture something that none of us can even imagine. The United Nations Documentary Film Festival is no different. There will be a diverse range of films from all over the globe enterd in the festival this year, and that is what I wanted to capture with this years logo. The film strip is indicative of the type of festival which it is, and the eye on the film represents the mutitude of documentaries and stories that you are bound to encounter during the festival. I chose to keep the logo in black, white, and shades of grey not only for ease when reproducing, but I feel that the colorless tones represent a more subdued look. They draw less attention to the media of the festival and activities because, It's not about the films, the media, and the accolades; It's about the people and situations that are being brought to light through the documentary films.