STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Look at ME

by sophia ng

*Both logos are close variations.


The logo comprises of basic shapes - 2 triangles and a circle. These shapes represent an integral part of film-making. A camera is the essential tool here, it is where the magic begins. The circle represents the record button, which is what kick-starts the filming. Surrounding it are the play and rewind buttons. A worthy film is to be played more than once, hence the rewind button. Of course then, the play button doesn't need much explanation.

The shapes combination form an eye, depicting the importance of visualization here. It is through our eyes that we see, think, feel and experience sensations mentally, if not physically.

Blue is used here to represent the UN (official color), and black gives the logo a solid and definitive look.


A more abstract version of the logo, showing part of an eye, and highlighting the 2 most important buttons of the camera - record and play.

A calligraphic instead of a straight typeface is used to portray the creative flow that surrounds the festival, yet with a straight typeface for the sub-heading to keep the seriousness and importance of the festival as well.