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World Tree (version 2)

by Yoong Shenq Foo

“World Tree” relates to United Nations organization in the context of this logo design. Besides being in the colour of UN flag, we can also observe a mini “United Nations” in action.

Analogous to the fabled World Tree, it represents immortality and fertility in several cultures in relation to the goals of the UN MDGs, which aim to bring hope and achieve environmental sustainability between its 189 member states by 2015:

In a desert, a tree symbolizes hope for it signals the presence of water and hope is what the UN MDGs aim to bring for those deeply affected by its goals. In an ecosystem, a tree symbolizes sustainability. Like earth, it sustains the many forms of cultures that dwell in it.

A tree is the globe in an ecosystem, developing its own global partnership in aid for the sustainability of each being. The canopy community provides food for the leaf litter community and in return fertilizes the tree. Such union eradicates chances of famine for either community, achieving sustainability. For as much as it can, the tree is a sanctuary and breeding ground for existing and new communities, ensuring security and immortality of its inhabitants.

In retrospective, the “World Tree” logo speaks of a tree functioning like the United Nations, working towards its goals of global well-being.