STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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flowing ribbon

by Marcus Ward Curran

The ribbon is representational in today’s society towards acknowledging many different aspects of humanitarian needs, afflictions, causes and cures. Many charities use the ribbon to create awareness of these issues within the community and in turn communities represent these causes by wearing ribbons close to their heart generating income for that charity.

This design has taken the form and flow of the ribbon to generate imagery that quickly and concisely dictates to the user what the general theme of the festival will be. Film stock flows in from the left and representational text on paper flows from the right with the form of the crossover generating the human forms in both positive and negative space with arms raised. The dynamic nature of this icon creates leading lines to draw the viewer’s eyes across the image for interpretation that does not need the text to stand alone. The use of the wreath gives subtle reference to the UN involvement and can also be representational of nature. The typeface uses two contrasting types overlaid giving the feel of both handwritten text and grass blowing in the field. The color way is representational of both land and water in contrasting blue and green offset by the neutral grey typeface. The center of the ‘O’ in stories also features the UN symbol further signifying their involvement even when the strap-line is not present.

To help coincide with representing and promoting the festival, green ribbons with blue backing could be sold to raise money for these causes showcased in the films and become representational for participation and belief in expressing awareness of these issues amongst the greater community, the world.