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An Open Book

by Yen Chye Lee

This logo comprises of an opened book which also takes on the shape of an eye, complete with eye lashes. The book opens up, with its folding pages coming together to form the shape of a heart with the world in the middle (heart shape world).

The opened book represents true stories, documentation of events. The folding pages from the opposite sides represents stories from all over the world coming to form love for the world. The eye represents visual, movies, films & the window’s to one’s soul. The heart represents the vital concerns the organizations involved have for the world which essentially are the Milllenium Development Goals. The world in the middle of the heart represents the bringing together of the films from all over the world as well as the concerns for the world itself. The eye lashes represent trees, the environment. The progression of short to long lashes represents progress, growth and improvement in the environmental issues.

So this logo in totality, seeks to tell true stories and document events (opened book) from all over the world, addressing/ highlighting vital issues of the world (global humanitarian and human rights issue) to audiences from all over the world itself through films, movies (the eye) to touch individual’s soul (through its window - the eye). It also seeks to create awareness of the vital issues, thereby positively impacting (growing eye lashes) the Millenium Development Goals.