STORIES FROM THE FIELD logo competition

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Stories from the Field logos

by eric glatre
Co-authors: none

Goal 1 : Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Goal 4 : Reduce child mortality
Goal 7 : Ensure environmental sustainability

The aim is to highlight the link/ connection between the wishes of the MDGs and the UN-affiliated agencies.

The logo that i provided collects these points.
Question : how can we help people, cities, countries in the need through art culture? The event will help people to turn the corner via injecting money in farming, feeding their children, looking after their fields.

A dry soil cover by a field which represents a camera.
The white square shows the poverty, and the green camera is a solution to their problems.The logo is surround by a green background which is an extension of the green camera. Then, this shape makes the sample stronger, more colourful. It shows as well that the event is looking after the problems of poor people as it is all around the white soil.

The green background helps to put the imagery through different supports and can be replaced by an other green ( brighter or darker ).