Competition Details


by ivone peralta

The shelter is something temporary that has as main goal to respond to a necessity, unchained by a catastrophe, in a a short period of time, fulfilling the basic sanitarian and hygiene needs. Its is thought to be use for about a month.

About its construction, it is easily assemble and disassembled cause it’s built by three pieces that fit together, forming modules that can be grouped to achieve the desired space, cause it can be used from tow to a large number of people, never forgetting that fifteen is the ideal number of occupants, cause with a large number of people, there’s a large risk of infectious desises and it comes hard to keep the shelter function running; it can be used as an field hospital, an meal place or sanitarian installations.
The shelter is made entirely of polycarbonate because of its characteristics, mainly cause is light, therefore easy to transport, it´s easy to wash/disinfect, reusable, it can be recycle, it´s highly resistant to fracture and material fatigue and it has a good thermal stability.

The ventilation is obtained from tow lateral windows/openings in each module. Lightning comes from a skylight (also made from polycarbonate, but semitransparent), on each modules top. It allows to use natural sunlight, therefore saving energy. During the night lamps can be used in order to light all compartments. The rest of the module is colored polycarbonate – green - which makes the shelter easier to locate, both from the dislocated and the planes that carry food and medicines.

The transport of the modules can be made by truck or by plane, and once in a safe place, away from dangers, unloaded an assembled.