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Hair Slide Tent

by Felix Kößler

Felix Kößler
Student of Interior Architecture
Project “Shelter Me“ in Product Design by Professor Ulrich Nether
University of Applied Sciences Lippe and Höxter, Germany

The hair slide principle

Space and function

People, who are depend on emergency shelters have lost as a rule not only her living space and material goods, they are also extreme psychic and physical pressurized.
Due to its solid construction and arrangement this draft allows a spatial separation of functions to the users: Cooking, sleeping, eating and not at last a salutary private sphere.


The principle of the hair slide results here in the construction of curved very loadable pointed arch. Frames can be stretched by bending and bringing together the both external sides of an U-form. This gives us the possibility to work with very low material thickness.
The single parts are connected swiveling and can be fixed with locking mechanism and Velcro fastenings.
Two of such improved frames put together face to face form a space with a base of 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft . This module combined in groups of 3, 4 or 5 units radially arranged and connected with strings at the top. The single outside tents – fixed in the ground with tent pegs and joined with each other with zippers – works as reinforcement for the whole construction.


The recommended material is CFK, because of its low weight, the high firmness.
For the outer tent are used beside sophisticated and coated nylon textiles and approved cotton.
The inner tents nylon nets can serve as an insect protection and space structuring.


- Simple Design
- Low weight
- Easy to pitch
- Separate cubicles
- Private life
- Solutions by the frame mode for:
Beds, water-connections, stovepipes und the retrofit of insulation elements

Bielefeld, June 16th, 2007