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The Bamboatent

by Serien Jabry
Co-authors: Dima Almeniawi

When we decided –my partner and I - to design this emergency shelter, our first concern was to be environmentally friendly. It was about designing green and surviving green. None the less, when I saw the images of people stuck on their own roofs waiting to be rescued at the times of hurricane Katrina, it hit me. The matter of escaping is as important as the matter of sheltering afterwards. After all if you don’t have survivors, you won’t need the emergency shelter!

So we sat, and thought about designing a dual functioning device that works as a mean of escape and a shelter, a boat and a tent; and in the same time we wanted to be green, simple and cheap.
We want this device to be in the reach for all people no matter how poor they are, just like an umbrella! We want this device to be in every home, basement, office, school, and shack. We designed a device with an easy mechanism to assemble and disassemble, a space saver that you can just store in a closet or under the bed. We chose a renewable material, which is bamboo: Flexible, light, strong and most important of all; it is a renewable material and has no effect on the environment when manufactured. A solar panel that can be utilized as a lighting fixture or heating source in the absence of electricity and batteries.

We went from there and with the inspiration of nautilus shells, and how they are found in nature with a golden section; we started with the divine number and Fibonacci sequence and we ended up designing the BAMBOATENT.
It takes its name from bamboo/boat/tent implying its sustainability and dual function as a boat and a tent.