Competition Details


by sharon mora


The distress that people has to endure alter a natural disaster is unimaginable. Most of the basic needs are unattainable, water, food, shelter and the possibility to communicate with the rest of the world.
The “GIFT” is presented as a package that helps to mitigate one of these urgent needs, shelter. The “GIFT” is an easy to assemble foldable module that can be reused after the catastrophe is over to build a definitive shelter or be shipped to other places in need.
The foldable plates assemble to build one 2,8m2 covered module. 100 folded plates can be transported in one 12’ container, constituting 50 covered modules. The modules can be joined generating a tube like structure that adapts to the various needs that an emergency camp could need other than the basic dwelling.
A separate set of wooden poles and a deck like structure allow for separation from the ground and organization of the camp.