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Solar Shell

by Raquel Bárbara

Solar Shell has significant innovation: solar energy by solar panels.
This has a cook plate, freezer zone; extensive shelves some empty and another with the first aid kit. The illumination is provided by LED´s that consumes low energy, has also an energy accumulator, and air circulation by windows.
Solar Shell was designed to accommodate basic needs and supplies, such as insulation and first aid.
This could be also used as a hospital, shelter refugees.
Shelter Shell is made by Nomex fabric, so is hard to inflame and it is resistant; structure is made by PEAD and is also very resistant and fixed by pegs.
After a natural disaster Solar Shell would be delivered by institutes, on military trucks.
Ease of construction by colours on the different parts of the structure, the Re-use is possible, because is easy to dismantle.
One of the main factors on this project was the environment impact, which is very few. Solar energy doesn’t pollute.