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Shelter Me

by elisabete pinto
Co-authors: elisabete pinto

The “Emergency Relief" project includes one of the problems more presents nowadays, the natural disasters; it is more and more frequent the discussion concerning new forms of combating those problems in sense of improving the life quality in the affected areas, urban and rural.

The presented proposal while emergency refuge pretends being a place of protection and shelter for calamities such as seasonal floods, accomplishing goals in a simple and effective way.

Structurally consists on a fixed element whose dimensions are 3m of length for 2.10 m of
height and 1,60 m of depth and when it takes his expanded form acquires 2,50 m of depth. It is also susceptible to be pushed back to obtain larger dimension and equally to facilitate his transport. The adopted material is PVC for being a light material, of low cost, resistant and recyclable.

His interior makes possible to house two to four people, possessing the most basic needs, a sleep place and sanitary needs. All of the functions existent were thought around what people cannot pass in emergency situations.
The sleep area is composed by two larger mattresses of polyurethane bent to reduce the space and for other top two of inferior thickness that also serve as cushions.
Underneath the mattresses there is a small shelf of PVC that store provisions (bottled water), just usable when open.
The bath house contains a portable toilet (plastic), being the area for the entrance door that is unfolded and it turns to other direction to close the space – reducing materials.

The whole interior space was thought from way to accomplish the stipulated needs and also to occupy the least possible space (bent mattresses and unfolded door).
Also the compact and light exterior allows transport, assembly and use and re-use.