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Lightweight Emergency Shelter

by pwharram

The Lightweight Emergency Shelter is designed for easy transportation to disaster zones where shelter is urgently needed.
Made out of recycled polyester mesh and aluminum, the shelter comes in a single component. The foldable framework and polyester material are sewn together to form one piece. This eliminates the possibility of parts getting lost. This also allows for an easy set up, just pull the frame work until it locks into place. When all the joints are locked, the shelter is ready for use.
Dismantling the shelter is just as easy. Push the pop locks at each joint and fold the shelter up, attach the storage straps to keep the shelter compact and it’s ready for storage or reuse.
Using only two materials, most of which is recycled, the shelters can be mass produced easily and have little environmental impact.
The shelters can accommodate 6-8 people.