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Shelter Me

by carolina marques
Co-authors: Carolina Marques

Emergency Refief

At present, natural catastrophes are constant and its consequences much more disastrous, from the loss of human lives to environment and economic damages. Man cannot prevent these phenomenon but can try to find out the mechanisms of it origins and, in this way, try do reduce its possible negative effects. In this aspect, the designer can play a fundamental role by creating better life and housing conditions for all.

Considering this theme, I have chosen to develop a shelter for possible earthquakes, upon concluding that they are the world’s most deadly catastrophes and, more and more, its consequences tend to aggravate.

I have projected a shelter that serves as protection for post-occurrence of an earthquake. The shelter is composed of a dome shaped central body, to which four “cocoons”, of a similar shape as sphere quarters, but smaller than the central body, are linked through simple fittings.
All these small shelters have exterior access but are equally linked to the central body by an interior passage. The junction of these five bodies form a module, which may be repeated as many times as necessary, conferring to each module a new function of the central body, transforming it, either as a sick-ward, a common space where cooking is possible or merely as a another protection space and sleeping zone, like the four shelters to it connected, depending on the users necessities. Its capacity is for twelve persons.

All its structure is built in fibreglass, a highly resistant material, flexible to design and light weighted, thus of easy transportation.