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by c v

RESCUE_MEdusa is a rescue shelter to be used in situations of flood: Inspired by the medusa jellyfish this emergency capsule consist of an inflatable [1],[2] tent attached to a stronger plastic basis that works as a raft ending up to a small anchor. On the anchor part is a simple water sensor. When the sensor ‘feels’ water the inner part of the tent starts glowing [3].

To achieve the glowing effect, the inner part of the tent has a layer of embedded L-wire : low cost and high efficiency LED’s that can be charged with a 9volt battery. As soon as the water sensor sends a signal to the circuit- when the anchor is underwater- the LWire lights up, making it easy for rescue guards to trace the victims of the flood. All materials are waterproof and recyclable.

Inspired by the medusa,(in particular the Aequorea Victoria species) that feeds itself with plankton to develop its glowing fluorescent protein GFP, RESCUE_MEdusa mimics nature to confront nature’s rage.
GFP has a revolutionary use in the fields of cloning, and works as following: GFP genes, due to their glowing effect can be used as radars that track a new gene’s movement. Once GFP genes get attached to the new gene, of the protein of interest we can trace the new gene’s path.

Thus, in a sense, RESCUE_MEdusa , uses water not as a threat but as the solution: not only it provides its inhabitants a safe temporary shelter but most importantly, it is taking advantage of the flooding to produce a pointer interface that leads to rescue.