Competition Details

UTM2 House.

by César Augusto Guerrero Rodríguez

The project consist in a translucent box to be filled with materials to be re-used. The main structure, which could be made of wood or metallic elements (beams and columns) supports a plastic corrugated panel in the outside and inside conforming a sandwich panel all around the house. The empy interior space of this sandwich panel is filled with cardboard, plastics, stones, alluminum bottles or any material that could be fit in the interior of the panel. The idea is that the people could recolect their own wall material, re-using them and giving a different texture, color and personality to the house. This is because the house system could be easily repeated but the peolple is not the same for each house, so the project tries to give a sense of appropriation to the house and create a relation between user and space. Also it´s important the use of materials that are usually understood like trash or waste and give them a new use in an emergency case. The size of a UTM house is 18 square meters, where the space is defined only for a restroom area and a study or work area.