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the habitat

by nizsanta
Co-authors: buoyant,stable,modular,self sustainable, rain water harvesting,kinetic,habitation,living,temporary relief,sphere of life,the new abode

Environmental catastrophe:

The project has been conceived & further developed from the conjectured effects & aftermaths of floods & drastic sea storms in the proximity of aquatic areas.

Tentative application zones

a. extreme emergency situations like tsunami on the entire eastern ghat comprising big cities like Chennai under the alert zone
b. to cope with global warming, considering major cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai etc.
c. regular floods



The thought process behind form selection & appropriate usage is vast & covers the following ideas:


derivative of a sphere, which is well proved to be aerodynamic, stable & one of the most energy efficient forms.


The enclosure needs to be buoyant & water tight. It is completely water tight & follows the principal of buoyancy.

. more enclosed less open

temporary structure design needs to be more enclosing space rather open. The structure’s small air cut outs endows it with proper ventilation & lighting

. modular

shall be modular & plug-in/out type.



Double level planning with toilet housed in the ground level.

Ground level 6 adults + 2 children
First level 10 adults + 3 children

Toilet 3 wc

outer deck allows daytime spill over area

Structure & Services

central hollow metal column which, houses the pipelines for waste & usable water at the toilet.

The structure will catch rainwater & will re use it,


kinetic metal deck
according to the level of surrounding water, it can be elevated

hollow metal column housing pipelines

pneumatic type polystyrene material as covering(water proof)
Factory made wire mesh with pin joined connection for frequent transport & re use.
temporary floors supported on c channels of steel

Futuristic thoughts:

can be used at earthquake prone sites

could be equipped with solar cells & bio gas units