Competition Details


by wil_03

The ‘Water-shed’ is chiefly designed for hot climates and drought conditions. It is primarily constructed from formed plywood and a lightweight steel frame. In addition to providing essential shelter and first aid, the structure has two large pvc water tanks (held underneath the shelter) which would be delivered containing clean drinking water. The water in the tanks is also used to cool the shelter. Louvered aluminium fins line one edge of the shelter, the fins can be opened to create airflow. The aluminium fins are cooled by the tank-water, which is cycled through the fins. The fins could also be heated at night - so that they radiate heat.

Exterior plywood panels also open up to allow further cross ventilation and to provide external shade. The shelter is powered by a series of photovoltaic panels on the structure's roof.

Internally, the structure has numerous storage cells that can be filled with insulation and medical supplies. The shelter is capable of housing multiple beds, seating and essential supplies. The ‘Water-shed’ utilizes water as a thermo-regulator, in addition to providing essential drinking water. The structure is lightweight, hardy, economical, and would have a low environmental impact. It could be easily mass-produced - assembled on or off site, and delivered to disaster areas.