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by bixarro


designed thinking about the comfort of its inhabitants, brikk offers to the people protection against the atmosphere that surrounds them in the middle of the situation of emergency which they face, creating for them a space intimate and private that can maintain the sense of home between the members of an affected family, and to live on the most normal way, among 4 and 6 months.

for it the space sets out the sufficiently ample thing like being able to lodge and to take shelter of the climate with the fluidity of normal movement of the humans, and the possibility of interaction with the rest of the members of the family.

brikk is a collapsible modular structure made of recycled plastic with completely rigididity, and a capacity for maximum 6 people, adapted for aggressive surroundings, it also gives the sensation of being in a conventional space by its form and stability. the design is made up of a base and a wall that support to the frontal walls and the ceiling; them are two sets of two identical modules that can be used like wall or cover, uniting them and with the other parts of the system.

for its installation, 4 people will have to locate the base on a flat land and to completely extend two modules for the walls; these will mount on the base. Next the other two will extend, that will conform the ceiling, located on the walls of the system.