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by ROLANDO arq

The immediate necessity of indors in the areas of disaster, we determined an radically and efficient form of shelter production; monolithic shelters, in frothy material that when making contact with the air becomes hardened quickly.
The present advances of chemistry allow to have resistant materials to the fire and of easy hardening, the thermic capacities of the family shelter can be unsuspected.
The chemical compound can be transferred in helicopters or equipped trucks to arrive until the disaster center and to attend the damaged families.
To confront the constant destruction of environment, and the increase of the globe temperature, the mass shelter responds to future floods that could affect the residencial and rural areas of disaster either by hurricanes or other manifestations of the nature related to the sea… the house mass floats, its fibers are hermetic.
Sustainable: The house mass does not damage environment, is created from soluble chemical solutions throughout the time, that is these houses are momentary, after two years has disappeared completely, the families by own means or external they have managed to reconstruct its habitat, our actual human capacity for construct building and houses above the ground is a violent act, is time to let the planet rest of us.