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Momentary habitat for the community

by ROLANDO arq

The present problem of the momentary or definitive habitation solutions in the zones under disaster is the construction of a communitarian habitat, we propose not only the construction of an inhabitable modular element, also the immediate reconstruction of the communitarian habitat, regrouping of the familiar sets that in many cases bring a PRE-cooperation, own of the place and woven previous relations through time.

The modular shelter corresponding to each family next to the others of the community generates a joint block with a central space destined to the common lunch and the assembly, this under the premise of which the union makes the force.

The modular space can be defined as a hermetic space that structure on the basis of right steel feet and plates of lattice window that structure it, resembling itself the system of scaffolds, the light structure can comply to all type of geographies, can be defined as light and flexible a structure, that in group generate a body prepared to resist earthquakes, winds and can be used in marshy or flooded lands.

The space are insulator by an impermeable plastic material (Poly Oxford) giving him to greater heat insulation and acoustic to the walls skies and walls. Each one of the pieces and elements that conform the shelter can be transported by means of helicopter, trucks and airplanes, this shelter can be constructed by the own inhabitants in a considered brief time of 2 hours between 4 people.

the space for a small area of orchard in the cases of excessive delays of the governmental plans of reconstruction is allowed.

The facades of each module serve as surfaces as hidropĆ³nic culture for the culture of vegetables, giving a sense even of economic sustainability.