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Emergency relief shelter

by ayham rimawi

I had originally conceived this project a few years back as way to quickly deploy a sterile medical facility to a, for example, war torn country, in particular Africa or Afghanistan. Since the original design the Asian tsunami and Katrina happened as well as the Darfur crisis. I realized the same design can be used for a temporary shelter in those exact scenarios.
Some of the design factors I considered were: deployment, compact design, expandable as needs increase, rugged and durable, reusable.

One kit could be dropped from a helicopter to an area and then assembled by two people.

Features include:
1- Disassembled, all parts are arranged into the two main structures forming a
10x10x5 cube making for easy transport
2- adaptable by adding sections to increase size or combining more than one unit to make
a multi-room set up
3- Corrugated body sections for strength & insulation
4- Utilities run through sections for easy & quick assembly
5- Anti-bacterial surface to prevent spread of disease and infection

By using the right materials and being reusable, the environmental impact should be minimal.