Competition Details


by Guinevere Cheng

Water is the most important element for survival. Therefore my shelter design focuses on how the water is stored and distributed within the structure.
The water tank: located at the roof, collects both rain water and delivered water, then the connected pipe brings the water to the user, by means of gravitational force.
The water tank serves dual purposes.
Besides its obvious function, the resulting weight from the collected water, helps to keep the structure anchored to the ground.
The individual shelter can be connected together and form a small community for better protection against all types of adverse conditions.
The roof and
floor structures are in the form of a wagon wheel which can be rolled easily, to a different location and set up.
Not to mention because of the structure form and main material (polyethylene plastic and vinyl) makes it ease of production for distribution.
Also, since the material is derived from recycled plastic, the industrial production pollution is minimal.