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by Adolfo Mendoza Avilés

Peace Box

After major tragedies, a very important fact is always forgotten repeatedly: family. Families are meant to be our support in painful situations. Peace Box proposes “pop-up” shelters designed to encourage family sharing. This structure is made with recycled plastics, paneling from walls and floors come from MDF and recycled wood, roofing is made up by solar panels. Each box has three beds to accommodate up to 4 people. Also there is a little kitchen to prepare meals with an electric grill that uses solar energy. Goods are stored freshly beneath this grill, between meshes. This goes without using any type of energy, just natural cooling. In major disasters people commonly run out their places without more than they wear; near showers there are sinks to wash up their clothes while taking a bath. All water used composes a cycle that can use rain water or near place. Storage Tanks serve showers and sinks and these serve WC´s. At the end this water is purified by sedimentation and might be used to soil nutrition for planting. In many parts of the world is common to see housing based in regional materials like palm leaves, bamboo or tree sticks. If weather asks it, part of the wall paneling may be substituted by any of these auto constructive methods. If the shelter zone is flooded or in risk of being flooded, another structure may be repeated underneath the box. The purpose of modules is to build of a shelter in form of a village, social structures need to be reestablished or protected. It is a way to heal a community and its residents, to maintain united. Because it is easy to assemble, it is easy to carry to disaster zones, to deploy and to use again.