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Ha-Ori Shelter

by Joerg Student

The Ha-Ori is a collapsible emergency shelter designed for quick and easy installation, transport and storage. It is for use in warm and cold environments.

Inspired by the structure of the leaves of a hornbeam tree, the Ha-Ori (Japanese for “folding leaf”) shelter is collapsible, lightweight and very strong, able to resist heavy winds and snow. The shelter is composed of three parts, the main structure, a center part with ventilation system, and the door, weighing only 80lbs in total. When folded it measures 8.5ft by 1.5ft and can easily be carried by two people and assembled in a few minutes.

The 12ft wide by 8ft high structure provides enough space to accommodate a family. The center piece of the roof and flaps around the perimeter can be adjusted for ventilation of the space allowing for cooking and heating at its center. The unique form and rigid structure offers a physical and emotional sanctuary for its inhabitants.

The main structure is made from translucent double skin high density polypropylene sheet which is stiff and offers good insulation. The fold lines are scored in to the sheet on a simple roll press machine and the properties of the polypropylene allow the fold lines to endure an unlimited number of foldings. The lifetime of the shelter is up to ten years, depending on its usage and at the end of its life it can be entirely recycled.