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Flat-Pac Emergency Shelter

by pwharram

The Flat-Pac Emergency Shelter is designed for easy transportation to disaster zones where shelter is urgently needed. Made from light weight materials, many of which are recycled, the shelter is deployed in a flat packed unit where two people can quickly assemble the shelter without the need of tools.
The floor and roof utilizes pop locks and cam locks to secure the sections together. The aluminum support poles twist lock into the floor and the waterproof recycled polyester sides zip together and attach to the structure.
Although light weight, when the shelter is assembled it becomes a solid and robust structure able to resist severe weather conditions. If deployed to warm conditions, side walls can unzip partially or completely to allow air circulation.
Dismantling the shelter is as easy as assembling it, and the unit components stack on top of each other into a compact and manageable unit, secured with straps or enclosed in a bag ready for reuse.
The shelter utilizes 3 main materials. Recycled polyester mesh for the sides and roof, aluminum for the frame work and formed plastic for the floor sections. Using these readily available and versatile materials allows for the shelters to be mass produced at a cost effective rate.
The shelters also have little environmental impact as they use recycled materials.
As the shelter comprises of modular components for the floor, sides and roof, this allows for almost unlimited variations of shelter set-ups. This allows to create larger shelters for supplies, sanitation units and first aid.
Simple, Light, Versatile and Recycled!